Israel says Gaza border finally secured as air strikes continue

Israel says it has secured its border with Gaza, three days after Hamas broke through the barrier to launch a murderous assault that has left more than 900 people dead.

No militants have crossed in the past day but the bodies of 1,500 have been recovered, the Israeli army says.

Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip have continued overnight – the air force said 200 targets were hit

A BBC reporter on Gaza said it was the worst bombing he had seen in 20 years, with neighbourhoods flattened.

More than 700 people have been killed by the strikes, Palestinian authorities say.

UN children’s agency Unicef is calling for a humanitarian corridor in and out of Gaza, as Israel has cut supplies of fuel, electricity, and water and Iran’s supreme leader denies his country was involved in the attacks on Israel but praises those who carried it out.


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