House Moves to Stop Leakage of Classified Information from Security Agencies

The House of Representatives has described the rate at which classified information spread on social media as disturbing.
It also lamented that unauthorised classified information and documents in the public domain was now almost at the discretion of government officials. To this end, the House described the unauthorised classified information in public domain as a national security issue that needed urgent intervention.
The resolution of the House followed the adoption of a motion moved at plenary yesterday, by Hon. Adedeji  Olajide.

Presenting the motion, the lawmaker observed that the primary aim of the government was to protect lives and property of its citizens, saying the rate at which classified and confidential documents find their way to public domain /social media prevent the curbing of insecurity across the nation.
Olajide, noted that security agents were being attacked by bandits while going for rapid response due to leak of information and national security is also compromised.

He added: “Disturbed that the flow of unauthorised classified information’s and documents to the public domain is now almost at the discretions of government official, the rate at which classified information’s spread on the social media is disturbing.”
The lawmaker said if the Chief of Army Staff could decry the leakage of classified documents appearing on social media, then there was a serious issue at hand, saying it was their duty as legislators to call for forensic investigation of all security agencies.
He also expressed worry that data leakages in the public sectors discredits the government, weakens the action plan and undermines the national security of the country.

The House, therefore, resolved to “Create a Joint Committee on, National Security Intelligence, Information Technology and Defence to; carry out a forensic data storage, data protection and flow of Information of all our security agencies.
“In addition, inspect the level of Data Security operated by Nigerian Immigration Services, Nigerian Customs Services,  Nigeria Identity Management Commission and other the Data collection.”


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