Senate to grill FCT Minister over worsening security in Abuja

The Senate is taking action to address the escalating security concerns in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.

Senator Ireti Kingibe, representing the FCT, disclosed plans during a recent TV program to summon FCT Minister Nyesom Wike for explanations.

Expressing deep concern over the rising incidents of kidnapping and violence by bandits in the nation’s capital, Senator Kingibe emphasized the need for the Minister to outline a clear plan for combating the security crisis.

Elected under the Labour Party, she highlighted the importance of collaboration between the FCT Minister, the police commissioner, and the head of the DSS in devising an effective strategy.

Anticipating the summon, Senator Kingibe emphasized the Minister’s role as the chief security officer of the FCT, stressing the importance of a comprehensive plan for safeguarding the residents. Despite expressing confidence in the summon, the Senator acknowledged uncertainties about the Minister’s response.

“It is not that I am hoping. I know he will be summoned. But whether he responds or not is a different matter entirely. But as the chief security officer of the FCT, he should have a plan.

“He should be able to tell us, the committee, and specifically me, that this is the plan for protecting the people of the FCT. Between him, the police commissioner, and the head of the DSS, they must have a plan”, the Senator said.

Additionally, Senator Kingibe lamented a perceived “disconnect” between herself and the FCT Minister. She accused Wike of neglecting her messages and letters regarding the security situation in the area.


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