Troops Raid Terrorists’ Hideouts In Niger, Destroys Logistics Base

Troops from the Nigerian military, assigned to Operation WHIRL PUNCH, have reportedly conducted a raid on a hideout located in Palele near the Shiroro community in Niger State.

The said hideout was being used by terrorists and their suppliers to hide and store their resources.

Acting on reliable intelligence that indicated the presence of a weapons cache belonging to the terrorists in the eastern part of Palele, the troops were instructed to deploy air assets to eliminate the threats.

Giving an update on the operation, the spokesperson for the Nigerian Air Force, Edward Gabkwet, informed that there was significant damage inflicted upon the target area, with a secondary explosion confirming the destruction of weapons and ammunition.

The Air Vice Marshal further explained that these weapons were believed to be associated with a specific terrorist leader who is currently one of the most wanted individuals on the terrorists’ lists.

“These strikes have no doubt degraded the capabilities of terrorist elements operating in the region to attack innocent civilians, especially in Kaduna and Niger states.

“The NAF, along with other surface forces, will continue to maintain dominance over areas of concern through enhanced situational awareness, continuous patrols, and targeted interdiction of terrorists’ safe havens,” Gabkwet says.


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