Kaduna:137 students were kidnapped not 287- Governor clarifies number

In a recent interview, Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State clarified the number of school children abducted from the LEA Primary School and Government Secondary School in Kuriga, Chikun Local Government Area. Contrary to initial reports of 287 missing students, Governor Sani confirmed that 137 children were abducted.

The Governor also delivered positive news, stating that the military, working alongside local authorities from Zamfara State, successfully rescued all 137 kidnapped students.

This comes after a four-week ordeal that sparked national outrage. The Defence Headquarters corroborated the Governor’s statement, confirming the rescue of 137 students.

However, the rescue was not without tragedy. Governor Sani expressed his condolences to the family of a teacher who was abducted alongside the students but unfortunately passed away due to complications while in captivity. While celebrating the safe return of the schoolchildren, Governor Sani acknowledged the loss of the dedicated educator.


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