Our impact on Nigerians ‘ll define our legacy, says VP Shettima

Given the expectations of Nigerians and the high hopes the world places on Nigeria, the Tinubu administration will ensure the country’s fortune gets a massive boost in growth and development, Vice President Kashim Shettima has assured.

The Vice President gave the assurance when he hosted some members of his University of Ibadan Postgraduate Alumni, as well as members of the 1989/1990 set of the National Youth Service Corps whom he served with in Calabar.

Speaking in his office at the Presidential Villa on Thursday, the Vice President noted that the administration’s impact will hugely be its legacy, hence, the commitment of the government towards improving the livelihood of Nigerians.

Addressing the University of Ibadan Postgraduate Alumni, Vice President Shettima said the transient nature of human life demands that he should recognise that both him and President Tinubu are just first among equals in Nigeria, and are holding a trust on behalf of the Nigerian people.

Senator Shettima in a statement issued by the Senior Special Assistant to the President, Office of the Vice President, Stanley Nkwocha, was quoted as saying, “I always believe that power is a humbling experience. We spend more of our lives outside power than in power. And most importantly I see it as a gift from God. Asiwaju and I are occupying the prime positions in this country, not because of our intellectual acumen or political sagacity, but purely by the grace of God.

“We do not occupy our positions because of our physical prowess, and certainly not because of our pedigree. There are people of superior pedigree than us. It is a gift from God and a call to serve humanity for a very short span of time and the impact we make in the lives of our people will determine our positions here and in the hereafter.

“So, to me, it is a humbling experience. It is an opportunity to add value to a great nation like ours, more so that Nigeria’s anticipated demographic bulge suggests we improve the quality of governance in the bid to mitigate any looming demographic disaster.”

Earlier, Prof. Oluwayemisi Arowosoge who led the University of Ibadan Postgraduate Alumni called on the Tinubu administration to prioritise enhanced agricultural production by promoting an all-year-round agricultural system, with focus on value addition.

She also encouraged the government to build more earth dams and empower women across the country in a bid to ensure the success of the proposed initiative.



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