China Commodities Expo to Strengthen China-Nigeria Trade Relationship

In a move to improve the trade relationship between Nigeria and China, Brightway International Exhibition the organiser of China Commodities Expo (CCE) has announced the date for the commencement of another exhibition , showcasing the best of Chinese manufacturers and fostering international trade collaborations in Lagos. The exhibition hold from Tuesday, 7th to Friday 10th November, 2023 at the Landmark Event Center, Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria.

The 2023 CCE exhibition is organised with the support of the Ministry of Commerce-China, the Government of Shandong Province, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Nigeria, the Federal Government of Nigeria, and the Lagos State Government.

“The exhibition features a wide range of products from different sectors, including agriculture equipment, industrial machinery, building materials, power and renewable energy products, household products, electrical and electronics, beauty and fashion, medical equipment, cutting-edge technologies, and more, which attracts a diverse audience from ECOWAS countries,” said Muheez Abiodun, Chief Representative Officer of Brightway International Exhibition.

The range of showcased products offers a unique opportunity for attendees to explore the vast array of Chinese commodities and engage in fruitful business collaborations. To ensure a seamless experience for participants, CCE offers free entry to the exhibition, allowing visitors to access an abundance of business opportunities. In addition, complimentary Wi-Fi services and a well-equipped B2B meeting room are provided to facilitate efficient and productive discussions.

For added convenience, free shuttle buses will be available at selected locations, transporting attendees to and from the venue. CCE also extends its support to importers interested in visiting China for business purposes by providing comprehensive visa information and assistance.

The China Commodities Exhibition has been held annually since 2007 and serves as a platform for China-Africa economic and trade cooperation and exchanges. By fostering partnerships and promoting international trade, CCE contributes significantly to the development of the global business landscape.

The significance of the China Commodities Expo – Nigeria, for China-Africa economic and trade cooperation, is multifaceted. It helps boost trade among both countries and further strengthens the bilateral trade relationship between China and Africa at large. The exhibition also facilitates information sharing on investment opportunities that abound in both countries and increases foreign direct investment into both economies. Furthermore, it offers technology transfer for developmental purposes.

The exhibition represents various sectors, including automobile, motorcycle and spare parts, machine tools, food processing and packaging machines, fashion, textiles, and beauty products, constructions and building materials/equipment, agricultural machinery, electrical and electronic products, medical equipment, home appliances, household items, power and renewable energy products, as well as other cutting-edge technologies.

The China Commodities Expo targets a diverse audience, Including importers and exporters, captains of industries, government officials from Nigeria and the African continent, businessmen and women, entrepreneurs, employers, employees, and tertiary institution graduates.

The event provides numerous opportunities for business growth and networking, enabling participants to expand their business networks, forge connections with leading Chinese manufacturers, find new suppliers, and explore venture capitalist support for business ideas and solutions. It is an opportunity to diversify businesses, increase foreign direct investment, and improve individual standards of living, thus reducing poverty and promoting economic growth and development for both nations.

In conclusion, the China Commodities Expo plays a significant role in promoting and enhancing China-Africa relations, particularly in the context of economic and trade collaborations. It strengthens the bilateral trade relationship between China and Nigeria, increases foreign direct investment, and creates employment and job opportunities for the youth in both countries.

By providing a platform to assess investment and developmental potentials, it contributes to building and strengthening the existing mutually beneficial bilateral relationship between China and Nigeria.

The exhibition’s impact extends beyond trade and economic cooperation, as it fosters technology transfer, reduces poverty, and improves the standards of living for individuals in both nations.


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